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Antony Hampel

Antony Hampel (a.k.a Ant Hampel) is a specialist in events management, live concert, theatrical, brand activation, and entertainment marketing with more than 25 years of professional local and international experience.

Ant Hampel started in radio in Australia. Then at KISS100 London as events and concerts manager. He worked with artists like Massive Attack, Jamiroquai, Roy Ayers, M People, Des’ree and Herbie Hancock.

Antony Hampel was a tour-marketing director on many Van Egmond Group productions, which include Prince (Welcome 2 Australia 2012), Riverdance, Jesus Christ Superstar (arena spectacular), AC/DC, and the Michael Jackson History Tour (1996 NZ).

Ant Hampel in 2009 worked on Sound Relief. Sound Relief was the largest concerts in Australian history. The benefit concerts that ran simultaneously in both Sydney and Melbourne. It included Coldplay, John Midnight Oil, Farnham, Bliss n Esso, Kylie Minogue, Split Enz and Kings Of Leon to mention some of the many concerts. They were able to raise AUD$8m to provide relief.

Experiences of Antony Hampel enabled him to speak with audiences of all tastes and ages. Integral to delivering the results is his ability to develop and manage all elements of show communications and marketing. From strategy, planning and budgeting through to creative, production management and channel planning, Ant Hampel delivers results that equal sell out shows.

Ant Hampel and Alive Events Agency

Currently, Ant Hampel is the managing director of Alive Events Agency, a very successful events management agency in Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia wide. Alive Events Agency specialises in product launches, public events, experiential marketing, retail activations, media stunts, sponsorship activation, exhibitions, award shows, fashion runway, gala dinners, end of year events, concerts, event themeing and many more. Everything about events, you can count on Ant Hampel.

Antony Hampel and Alive Entertainment Group

Ant Hampel and Keith Ridgway have produced over 1,000 very successful events in Australia and Internationally. They have created some of the biggest and most loved live entertainment and brand activations in Australia and the United States of America.

Antony Hampel has spent more than 25 years in radio, international concert touring, entertainment marketing, theatre and extraordinary live events. Antony Hampel has contributed to changing the events industry with widely published, award winning brand activation and events that always feature live entertainment at the core.

Ant Hampel has been so fortunate to tie up with a diverse ‘who’s who’ of A-listers. That includes Kylie Minogue, BazLuhrman, Jamie Oliver, Michael Jackson, Alexandra Richards, Nicole Kidman, President Bill Clinton, AC/DC, Riverdance, Prince, CharlizeTheron, Michelle Rodriquez, Paris Hilton, and Basement Jaxx.

A great number of the clients of Antony Hampel are brands that are leaders in their industry. Those who value the immediate and long term effects of live talent integration and events. To mention some of the many, we have BMW MINI, Adidas, AFL, Sony, Austereo, L’Oreal, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Sportsgirl, Marvel, ANZ, Jetstar, Tennis Australia, NOVA 100, Cricket Australia, Village Roadshow, APIA, DIESEL, Ford, Fosters, 20th Century Fox, Hugo Boss, Mirvac, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Discovery Channel, Medibank, Bluescope Steel, Nine MSN, , Melbourne Racing Club, City of Melbourne and Treasury Wine Estates to list a few.

Antony Hampel is committed to keeping creative and logistical boundaries. Intuitively, he utilize live events and talents as a platform to create brand experiences that are measurable, compelling and can drive long lasting connections and benefits.

Ant Hampel has made Australian Box Office History with AC/DC. Ant Hampel won several awards for event creativity at the Australian Event Awards. He was an active committee member in the SOUND RELIEF Concert Series for the Australian Red Cross.

Blog of Antony Hampel

Antony Hampel is the founder and managing director of 2 of Australia’s premier event management and entertainment companies. Antony Hampel is a respected event producer who has been transforming the events industry with widely published, very successful, award winning events.

Antony Hampel’s first Melbourne based event management company was think creative events. It was establised in 1999. It sold in 2007 to Commquest. In 2010, Antony Hampel built his second venture. It’s Alive Events Agency. During this period, both think creative and Alive Events Agency have staged Australia’s highest profile public, experiential and business events. Clients of Ant Hampel cover from A-list celebrities to leading global corporations. Ant Hampel is a multi-talented and awarded event producer and entertainment manager. He’s recognised for reinventing how brand activations can be presented in a powerful and distinct live event.

Antony Hampel with a mind wide open has spent more than 25 years in television, live events, entertainment marketing, radio, concert touring, and theatre. Ant Hampel has unique skills. With these, Ant Hampel with a detailed and specific understanding of creative, marketing, production, and logistics was the result. Antony Hampel bridges the gap between audience, brand and entertainers. He has a passion that has turned business that is one step ahead in a very fast evolving industry. He produces unique live brand activations that are meaningful and engaging.

Ant Hampel has an extraordinary skill of creativity that driven through the accuracy and specifics of bespoke systems and processes that have attracted an A-list of clients. To mention some, President Bill Clinton, Basement Jaxx, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Jamie Oliver, Kylie Minogue, Baz Luhrman, Riverdance, Charlize Theron, Prince, Paris Hilton, Basement Jaxx and Jamiroquai are just some of the show stoppers that have used alive experience.

For industry giants that appreciates and value the immediate and long term benefits of Ant Hampel’s unique experiential brand communication strategies, including BMW MINI, Adidas, Ford, Fosters, 20th Century Fox, AFL, Sony, Austereo, COLES, Maybelline, Sportsgirl, Disney/Marvel, L’Oreal and Melbourne Fashion Festival, ANZ, Jetstar, Tennis Australia, NOVA 100, Cricket Australia, Village Roadshow, APIA, DIESEL, Hugo Boss, Mirvac, Video Ezy, Melbourne Racing Club, Bluescope Steel, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Novartis, Nine MSN, Real Estate.Com, Discovery Channel, Medibank, City of Melbourne and Treasury Wine Estates to name just some of the many.

Those are just some of the many impressive clients. Antony Hampel takes pleasure in the challenge to find solutions and new approaches to provide experiential events, product launches, award shows, sponsorship activations and public events. He says, “anything live”!

Photos of Ant Hampel / Antony Hampel

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